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Rodrigo "Aaron" Sanchez [flea|fone]

Why do I create my art |

I create my art because it's a great way to express myself without verbalizing anything. My interest in art came from my mother. When I was a young boy she would create cartoon characters, which was what I started creating around the age of seven. This was the start of my interest in various types of art. As time went by I became a big fan of graffiti culture. Learn the history, understand it and respect the art/artists.

How do I create my art |

I create art in many different ways from hand drawing, painting, spray painting, digitally, and also experimenting with different materials. My canvas always changes. It depends on where I am and what I have near me as to how and what I create.

What do I create most often |

Graffiti is the most common thing you will catch me doing because it's easy to walk around with a sketch pad and markers. I've learned that everything happens for a reason and because of that I don't erase or throw away pieces because there are no mistakes. I usually don't move on until I feel the piece is done.

Would I consider myself a graffiti artist |

By street standards I would not be considered a graffiti artist, but regardless of that fact I am influenced by the culture and style. I will continue to create this style of art. I respect those who create their own art.

What does my art mean to me |

Art is everything to me. I love to see how people view my work. I see the world in color, lines, type and design. My life is my canvas, which is always evolving.

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